20 Feb The price of packaging

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald* highlighted the opportunities for investors collecting, ‘Boys’ toys’.

What is interesting is the role that original packaging plays in the value of an item. While we appreciate the important role played by packaging in the appeal and positioning of a product, in the world of collectibles, the authenticity and completeness of packaging adds great value.

The scarcity of the original boxes is likely the root cause. However, it shows how products and packaging complement each other, and the added value generated by packaging design.

This is an extract from the article:

“Prices achieved for rarities have risen dramatically over the past decade. A record Australian price of $6500 was achieved in December 2010 by Leonard Joel auctions in Melbourne for a green Matchbox London-style bus, sold here in very limited numbers.

The bus wasn’t in mint condition but came in the original box, considered essential by a growing number of investors who have entered the market. A box can increase value by as much as 10 times”.
* Read the full article here.