05 Aug Sydney rolls out World-first E-Ink traffic signs

E-Ink displays are a low cost, low power way of displaying information that can be read in variable lighting and updated when needed. The displays are most commonly used for devices such as e-readers and smart watches. Now, DesignStreet’s home town is rolling out E-Ink street signs.

The NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) developed the technology in conjunction withVisionect. They are powered by one of our abundant natural resources, sunlight, along with server software that “wakes” the sign using a 3G network. This means they are very low cost and use very little energy.

The changeable signs will be used for special events, with the goal of saving money. Consider that cities such as Los Angeles puts up approximately 558,000 temporary parking restriction signs at a cost of $9.5million and it’s clear that this is an area where strain on staff and resources could be greatly reduced with the right technology.

We are proud that Sydney is leading the way in using technology to innovate in an area that most of us don’t pay much thought to. After all, design applies to all parts of our life, even parking.
Source: Digital Trends.