30 Jun Smooth sailing for SeaSki

The SeaSki is a hyrdro-foil like water vessel that can achieve exceptional speed and stability on the water, and DesignStreet has developed a website to match. The SeaSki’s revolutionary design has secured Government funding and media buzz. Off to a flying start, Sea Ski needed a complete website transformation representative of the boat’s smart, yet simple design.

Our digital design team worked with WordPress to create the look and feel, site navigation and UX. Custom HTML was also used to boost the website’s functionality and add elements not possible with WordPress alone.

WordPress is increasingly popular with clients wishing to make their own minor website updates, for instance to galleries and news stories. It is user-friendly and the right solution for those who do not need a completely customised website.

Browsers at will find digital design features including responsive mobile-first design, a photo slider on the homepage, mosaic news section, a gallery that hosts YouTube videos and the side navigation bar which allows SeaSki vessels to be the feature throughout the entire website.