30 Sep Resolution Capital re-brand

We recently completed a re-brand of Resolution Capital, a leading Sydney-based Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with offices in London and New York.

Top management at Resolution Capital felt their brand needed a more contemporary look that positioned the company as a proven and successful REIT that was expanding its presence both in Australia and overseas.
The company needed a new logo and identity that would position them as a proven team of specialists with a unique set of strengths and enable them to compete against major domestic and international REITs.

Working to a tight deadline we had just a few weeks to develop the new identity including a new logo and apply it to 10 fund documents, business cards, stationery, internal business documents plus a complete refresh of the website.

We developed three brand concepts based on three different personas for the company, these being “proven and established”, “up and coming challenger”, and “proven niche specialist with unique strengths and a focused investment approach”.

The chosen design highlighted Resolution Capital’s proven track record as a successful REIT that consistently out-performed the market. A polished teal and cherry colour palette, geometric pattern and combination of serif and sans serif fonts were used to highlight the company’s credible, forward thinking approach. The end design differentiates Resolution Capital from its competitors and is a fresh, inspiring new look in the industry.

We finalised the logo and brand identity in time for a trip by top management / analysts to the USA Investment Summit in New York in August.