17 Jul Renewable Lego

Back in 2014, Lego announced that it would not renew its £68 million (AU $142 million) partnership with Shell that sees lego sets sold in petrol stations in 26 countries. They came under pressure from Greenpeace after a video titled “Everything is not awesome” was released that sees 120kg of Lego being covered with oil.

A few days ago, the world’s most powerful brand* announced that they are changing the “brick” for the first time since 1963. A team of scientists is being assembled to find a renewable alternative to the petroleum based plastic currently used. Last year Lego used 77,000 metric tons of petroleum to manufacture 60 billion bricks.

It is expected to take 15 years to find an eco-friendly solution but, if the Lego company can help it, you won’t be able to tell the difference between new and old.
*In 2015, Lego replaced Ferrari as the world’s most powerful brand, according to Brand Finance

Source: The Guardian and The Wall Street Journal.