28 Sep Pantone dismays designers by introducing Minion Yellow

The Minions, those super sweet yet subversive critters from Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 and the recent prequel Minions, now have their very own Pantone Shade: Minion Yellow.

Pantone has partnered with Illumination Studios to create the bright and upbeat shade. According to Pantone’s press release, the idea for the new colour came from Pharell Williams, who also created the music for the film franchise.

While the colour has created publicity for Minions and Pantone, not all of it is good. Designers have questioned whether the global colour authority should partner with other brands.

We think the partnership could open the doors to other companies approaching Pantone to develop their own bespoke colour. This places ownership of a colour on a different level to brands using their approved Pantone shade and could ultimately damage Pantone’s own brand. It’s lucky the minions are cute enough to get away with such a cheeky move, but we hope it’s a one-off.

Source: Hub Magazine UK.