17 Aug Is this the world’s worst website?

Meet Ling Valentine. Ling is a UK-based businesswoman who has turned the car leasing business on its head, largely through her own marketing, web design and PR strategies.

Ling’s Cars* has been named variously the ugliest, weirdest and worst in the world. It has also been named one of the world’s best websites, with famous fans including internet marketing guru Seth Godin.

Ling favours a low cost marketing approach, driven by PR stunts and coverage and, of course, her website which attracts 100,000 unique visitors per month.

The website is overloaded with gifs, flashing graphics, clashing patterns, Ling singing her favourite songs, and so much information it can be hard to know where to look. It shouldn’t work. But here’s the thing – it does. The car rental prices are clearly visible, and they are usually lower than competitors. While many of those 100,000 unique users may be visiting the site with no intention of leasing a car, those who are in the market for a vehicle can find the information they need.

Although the website is very cluttered, the HTML coding behind it is very structured. Each link is a new page so updating one element is very easy to do. Although this site isn’t responsive, the complexity of the animated gifs would bring your average smartphone to its knees. The animation alone is intense and there is a lot going on but this seems to work in Ling’s favour. It differentiates Ling’s Cars from any other internet site.

Ling’s Cars shows that sometimes breaking the rules – in design and marketing – can achieve the best results.
*Warning: If you click the link, your senses may never be the same again.
Source: Marketing Donut UK.