25 Aug Happy Birthday Linux!

This week marked the 24th anniversary of the Linux operating system.

Confusingly, Linux has three anniversary dates:
July 3, 1991: Creator Linus Torvalds, then aged 20, posted his first enquiry to a newsgroup from his home in Finland;
August 25, 1991: Linus made his legendary announcement about the project: “I’m doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won’t be big and professional like gnu)…”
October 5, 1991: Linus made a public release about the system he had developed.

Read the three posts here.

August 25 is widely marked as the official anniversary as it’s the date that Linux was publically announced. Linus has said that he is happy for people to celebrate either, or all, of the dates!

Our digital team are huge fans of Linux. In many ways it is the tool that helped the Internet become what it is today. Linux is used by major corporations around the world. It powers sites like Google and eBay, is on phones and everyday devices such as ATMS.

Even if you don’t know Linux, chances are, you use it daily. It’s certainly worth celebrating the creation of a system that has enriched our lives.

To learn more about Linux, watch the video above, released by the Linux Foundation on its 20th anniversary.