14 May Good design lifts Narita Airport’s new terminal

If you’ve booked a flight to Japan you could be in for a pleasant surprise. Tokyo Narita has unveiled its new Terminal Three, dedicated to low cost carriers, with design features that puts many other terminals to shame.

Japanese architecture firm NIKKEN SEKKEI, retail brand MUJI and creative lab PARTY delivered the simple, effective and, importantly, budget friendly design.

The consortium opted for a utilitarian approach, utilising good graphic design to complement the interiors. We think this is a great demonstration of how graphic design can converge with other disciplines like architecture to really lift a space.

The use of running tracks in place of moving walkways is a creative response to a challenging budget. At the same time it sets the tone for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The use of clearly designed concrete signage reinforces the sporty utilitarian feel of the space. Importantly, this feature also saves money by eliminating the need for screens and illuminated signs. We’re saving up for (budget) flights to Tokyo.

You can read more about the design inspiration, and see all the high res pictures here.
Source: The Design Air.