11 Jun Gif-iti: Street art goes online

Meet Insa. This British artist calls his unique form of art gif-iti, or “street art for the tumblr generation”.

Street art is viewed increasingly online, which has brought a broader, global audience to the art form.

And it’s only when viewed online that the full concept behind Insa’s artwork comes to life. The artist works on his illustrations over a number of days, photographing the design as it changes, and in the process highlighting the impermanent nature of graffiti. When complete, the art is posted online as a sharable gif.

Insa’s work has recently been utilised for a marketing activation, attracting social media and online buzz, plus press coverage. Scotch whisky house Ballantine’s collaborated with Insa to create the world’s largest gif. Created in an empty parking lot in Rio de Janeiro, the repetitive, hand painted design was filmed over two days by a satellite. Twelve limited edition, hand painted whisky bottles were then created by the artist.

Check out Insa on tumblr for more gif-iti.
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Source: Creative Review.