30 Apr Five Minutes with Senior Designer Michael Lakin

Many of our clients know Mick, our senior designer and NBA fan, who is rarely seen without his laptop, beanie and sketchpad.

Find out more about one of our creatives who brings your projects to life.

1. How long have you been at DesignStreet and what’s the best thing about the agency?
Four years and a few months now – time flies! Best thing about DS would definitely be the team mentality, and our flat structure. We all have each other’s backs and there’s always support when you need it to get the job done.

2. How long have you been a designer and what would you say is your favourite part about design?
I’ve been a designer for about 11 years now. The favourite thing (and also sometimes the thing I hate most) is that design surrounds us, so anywhere I go I can find inspiration or see an idea I can adapt, or a piece I can deconstruct. It becomes something you live and breathe whether you want to or not. It’s impossible to switch off.

3. Favourite colour?
Since black isn’t a colour, I’d have to go with green.

4. What is the hottest design trend in 2015?
Well I think from what I’m seeing is that whole “hipster” trend getting massive. Once a style of design used to separate the smaller indie operations from the big guys, now the big guys have caught onto the appeal of things being more and more niche looking. So I think this year will become the year where you won’t be able to tell from the packaging whether something was made in a massive factory by the thousands, or in a small workshop by hand.

Also, many more digital-centric rebrands, such as animated logos.

5. If you were put on the spot with a pen and paper what would you draw?
Haha that’s a tough one. Probably some sort of crazy character in a stressful but funny or awkward situation.

6. What is the best artwork you’ve ever seen?
Most recently would be Zhang Hai’er’s photography at the White Rabbit Gallery’s exhibition “Play”. Very emotive work.

Also anything by Yue Minjun, and the art of the Cynical Realists. Loving Chinese art right now.

7. What’s the most exciting piece you’ve ever done as a designer?
That’s an extremely hard question, since there are a lot of jobs that were exciting in different ways which makes it hard to compare. But it would probably have been the Stanley Rogers Cookware range. I got to art direct the photoshoot with a food stylist, was even able to discuss ideas on the spot with our client! We had really good feedback as well so I was happy from concept to final art on that one.

8. We know you’re a keen basketball player – who’s your NBA team?
Well since I’m not from the US, I tend to follow as many teams as I can! But if it came down to it I could probably go by the jerseys I own. So I’d have to say The Bulls, Golden State Warriors (my tip for 2015 champions) and the Clippers.

9. If you had to recommend one track for people to listen to right now, what would it be?
Man another tough one! I’m going to cheat here. Listen to Jazz Cats pt.1 by Quasimoto – almost all the people you should listen to are mentioned in the lyrics!

10. Which car brand does it best?
From what perspective? Too many to choose from. But right now I am definitely into the McLaren P1. In all black please.

11. If you could have have a drink with any two people, living or dead, who would they be?
Without a doubt it would be the late great(est) James Yancey, aka J Dilla! And his contemporary Otis Jackson aka Madlib. Their passion for their craft is truly legendary.