30 Apr DesignStreet lights up Beach House Candles

Good branding gets you some of the way but great branding gets you everywhere!

DesignStreet was given the opportunity to re-brand Beach House Designer Candles, a boutique candle company from Queensland’s Burleigh Heads.

Our designers took the existing label and reworked it to reflect the relaxed, bohemian feel of the area. We worked the colour palette back to a simple black on a transparent background, with a customised typeface. This minimal approach allowed the candles to shine.

Beach House owner, Ron Wentworth, says he previously found it difficult to sell his product to retailers. While Ron had a great product, it was missing “the finishing touch”.

Since the new branding rolled out, we have secured some great new wins through multiple retailers and knocked the competition out of prime position. The orders are really starting to flood in. A big thank you to the DesignStreet team and in particular Michael who redesigned the entire brand – we could not have done it without you!
– Ron Wentworth