30 Oct “Big Idea” projects underway for American Express

October has been an exceptionally busy time for the studio with a constant flow of projects for American Express, including a major international project for Global Business Travel, multiple initiatives for Global Corporate Payments, and exciting new consumer campaigns for Global Merchant Services.

Some of the projects will stay “below the radar” even when launched for reasons of confidentiality, while others will be out in the open which we’ll share as we are able.

In common is the request that we “push the boundaries” in terms of the creative (which the studio loves). Our goal with each is to achieve and exceed clear targets and benchmarks that determine project success.

Our brainstorming process has been in overdrive as we team up to crack the “Big Ideas” that sit at the heart of our work. The whole team participates in the brainstorms and contribute to the ideas that then go through the headline / copy process and into the studio to be worked up as creative proposals.

We’re excited about what’s unfolding and look forward to some stunning campaigns as they launch in the months ahead. Thanks to Amex for the opportunity to be inspired in this way – we’re loving it!