22 Oct As of today, Back To The Future will take place entirely in the past

30 years ago, Microsoft launched their first operating system; Windows 1.0, Coca-Cola changed its formula and releases “New Coke” (which failed significantly) and above all, Marty McFly and Doc Brown leave 1985 and travel to October 21st 2015 in the DeLorean Time Machine in Back to the Future Part II.

This year was meant to hold many technologies that unfortunately aren’t commonplace such as flying cars, the hoverboard and self-lacing shoes. Flying cars have been created by Terrafugia, Moller International and Aeromobil. Hoverboards haven’t been perfected yet but three different types exist such as the Onmi Hoverboard, the Hendo Hoverboard that Tony Hawk rode and the Lexus Slide. Nike finally released the first ever self-lacing shoe yesterday, the 2015 Nike Mag, which has been given to Michael J. Fox.

Things that were predicted correctly include 3D movies, video calling, fingerprint identification to unlock items and cosmetic surgery are all a very real reality.

As Doc said yesterday

The future has finally arrived. Yes it is different than we all thought. But don’t worry, just means your future hasn’t been written yet.
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