30 Oct An Interview with one of our key Account Managers Jen!

1. Being from Canada and from Bondi, would you rather hit the slopes or hit the surf?
The slopes! Everytime I tried surfing I would hear the ‘Jaws’ theme song so I just gave up.

2. Did you ever ride a moose to school?
That’s ridiculous they are way too tall to ride! I took my bear.

3. Who’s your NHL team?
Vancouver Canucks!

4. We know you love France – any champagnes, wines or cheeses you could recommend?
I love Roquefort Papillon blue cheese and I have been dying to try Château Margaux red wine, but it’s a little out of my price range at $2000 a bottle.

5. Outside the world of DesignStreet, what are some of your passions / hobbies / interests?
I am currently learning French and in my spare time I love creating hand lettering.

6. What can’t you live without?
Brea Bailey

7. What album do you have on constant rotation?
City and Colour “Bring Me Your Love”

8. As you’ve got both skills – would you rather be a designer or an account manager?
I love working as an Account Manager and this way when I knock off for the day I get a chance to express my creativity by working on passion projects.

8. What’s your most memorable trip/country?
I actually love going back to Vancouver to visit my family. I always forget how beautiful it is there and everytime I visit I’m still amazed by the scenery.