31 Aug 5 Minutes with Jonty Hardy*

Ever wanted to find out more about DesignStreet’s General Manager, Jonty? Then read on.

1. Top campaign from 2015?
There have been so many but I really enjoyed the work we did for White Ribbon. We developed a new concept for the White Ribbon Schools program, which educates school students about the importance of respectful relationships. This involved creating a look and feel unique to White Ribbon Schools, plus icons that communicate the key learning areas.

We developed a range of materials including a Welcome Pack, FAQs, posters, PowerPoint and internal training materials. The execution was beautiful, and it was great to support this important cause!

2. Best lunch in North Sydney?
There’s a little secret Asian restaurant tucked away on Miller Street, the world’s best nasi goreng and super friendly staff. If you’re in the area, drop me an email and I’ll take you there.

3. You’re a keen surfer. What’s your top surfing destination?
Jeffreys Bay (where Mick Fanning had his scare) is still my number one, but there’s a secret spot in Samoa that comes in a very close second.

4. What motivates you?
I’m really getting into my audio books at the moment. If anyone has the audible app, I’d recommend downloading Blue Ocean Strategy.

5. If you were a car what would you be?
I think I’d be a European Camper van. I know it sounds strange but you’d get to see some amazing destinations!

*For this story, we asked Jonty to draw his self portrait. Do you think he’ll put our studio out of a job?