23 Dec 2015 wrap up: A word from our MD

As we head off for a well-earned Christmas break we are proud to look back on 2015 as a milestone year of growth on many fronts.

  • Our move to North Sydney has been a real winner with a smart new studio, proximity to customers, easy access for our team and the overall ‘vibe’ of our new location being highlights
  • We are working with some brilliant new clients including Nespresso, Resolution Capital, Cerebos and Delfina Sport
  • Our core business with Global Corporate Payments has steadily increased through 2015 – thanks to the Amex GCP team for your fabulous support!
  • We’ve expanded our activity at American Express with exciting projects for Global Business Travel, Global Merchant Services, FX International Payments and Small Business Services.
  • Our team has grown as well with Luke Dunshea coming on board early in the year to drive our in-house digital work to great effect
  • Jen Rollo joined us mid-year as a highly capable account manager with a set of design and digital skills to add to the mix, and joins Katy Lithgow at the frontline of client and project management
  • Jonty has been on board for nearly two years as our general manager, and we are feeling the impact with new client activity, smooth operations management and the development of a talented and cohesive team
  • In design terms we have really kicked some goals, with some outstanding projects under the belt. Thanks in particular to Mick Lakin for the role he has played as senior designer in our design success
  • Increased work volumes in the fourth quarter have seen our freelance aces Laina and Kat become regulars, with both bringing exceptional design skills
  • Our accountant Peggy has provided a steady hand on the tiller as our activities and volumes grow and has been a key factor in the smooth running of the business financially and otherwise.

We have a lot to be grateful for, and in particular our loyal clients who have given us so many opportunities and challenges to show what we can do. Thanks to everyone for a memorable year, and we look forward to continuing on our strong upward path into 2016.